Designed to be the ultimate in bankside practicality, the Trakker Armolife Stove range gives you Piezo electronic ignition, which provides a more efficient transfer of heat, giving you an energy-efficient stove that’s great in any situation.

With a wide base, and a low centre of gravity, these stoves ensure your cookware is completely stable while you’re cooking, no matter what the terrain’s like; you can  even ramp up your Masterchef style, with no worry about upsetting your saucepan.

These stoves are strong, easy to use, and practical for stalking, camping, and those long, carpy nights. Whether you’re cooking, boiling, or warming, these stoves give you a practical,  stylish home from home on any terrain. Crafted from an aluminium-copper alloy, these stoves are strong, weather resistant, and durable, making them a sensible bankside choice, whatever your disciplines.

Folding to just 9cm x 9.5cm, and with a maximum power output of 3500W, the CG-3 is a compact yet efficient stove that’s guaranteed to give you all the performance you need, whilst being sized to pack easily in a rucksack or carryall. And remember, stoves aren’t just for boiling the kettle and cooking your baked beans; they also provide an effective heat source on those waterfront nights, making them an invaluable accessory for British banksides.

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