After just catching a whopper of a carp, you need somewhere safe and cushioned to place it down for unhooking and inspection before weighing and photos.

Solar Tackle has earned its impressive reputation from the unbeatable quality and service that their products provide. Since 1987, Solar has been one of the backbone companies in the carp fishing industry and it still one of the longest- standing specialists in the carp brand market today. Their products range from baits to landing nets. All the essentials for a successful carping session.

The Solar SP range continues to uphold the company’s high standards, offering quality and efficiency. The SP inflatable unhooking mat has safety at its heart. Unlike other inflatable mats, the SP features a self-inflating mattress with a separate, inflatable-walled outer. The mattress inflated to 1000mm deep, making a secure base, thick enough to keep the carp off the ground and for the weight of the carp to no cause deflation or a dip in the base.

The inflatable mat means that both the base and wall is protective and secure for the fish, once correctly inflated. The high, tubular inflatable walls are rigid enough to retain the fish from sliding off the matt, providing the safest place for your catch on the bank. The product is designed so your catch cannot escape. The inflation points are secured with a screw seal, making the air unable to escape and deflating the mat throughout the longer sessions.

The mat is made from hard-wearing materials making it difficult for the rough terrains of the bank to scuff or piece and thus deflating the mat. The inflatable feature also means the matt can easily be deflated which is ideal for when it is not in use, making a compact piece to store away. Don’t have a pump? No worries, Solar provides a foot pump with this mat so you can quickly pump with your foot while sitting, making up your rigs.

There is the option to secure the mat to the ground using the metal reinforced pegging points on the exterior of the walls, meaning the wind will not be trying to carry the mat away when it is not in use. The SP mat also benefits from a full-size cover with Velcro fasteners. This enables you to cover the mat from dirt or debris being blown into the mat, it also keeps the interior of the mat nice and cool for when needing to place a carp down. Fish care is at its finest when it comes to this piece of kit.

The matt can be lifted comfortably using the extra-strong, padded handles. This is great for weighing the fish or for the moment of carrying the fish back to the water. Faith is established, in that the fish will not be dropped because of a weak handle. The padding also keeps in a cushion for the angler. Both handles are short and long depending on the distance of transportation.

Despite its inflatable feature, this is not a floatation device, so it is highly suggested to keep it away from the water. The dimensions of the matt when inflated is (m) 1.2 x 0.72 x 0.27. The quick and easy deflation of the creates a small pack size, makes carrying bulky mats a thing of the past. In addition to its small size when deflated, the mat comes with a zipped storage bag so you can securely store away the mat for transportation or general protection when in storage.

So when you are thinking of buying a new unhooking mat, make the confident choice of the inflatable option from the Solar SP range.


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