Nash has been creating tackle since the late 1960s and continue to provide modern carp and specialist anglers with an array of fishing tackle. From fishing chairs to carp bait, Nash has you covered.

Made for the anglers wanting a bit of extra space, the Nash MF60 Indulgence 5 Season Sleep System SS4 wide offers anglers night of comfort and luxury. The MF60 sleep systems have truly raised the bar with extra support in its bedchairs. The SS4 wide sports a quality rated memory foam sleep system mattress along with memory foam cushions which adapts to the shape of the body for the most restful sleep possible. The mattress is then covered by micro eece for added warmth.

The improved spring loaded leg assembly with one touch adjustment allows you to adjust the leg height from 38cm to the maximum of 51cm. The wider sized model of the SS4 sleep system measures at 212cm L x 98cm W x 38cm H. As well as extra space, the system offers optimum insulation, as the SS4 wide model sports a zip on/off twin layer duvet. The first single layer is a 3 season duvet ideal for airy summer comfort and a second zip on layer adds up to 5 season warmth for guaranteed heat retention and comfort no matter how extreme the winter weather gets.

The enhanced system design removes the traditional outer skirt, making way for a completely level mattress surface that also increases available space for your extra luggage or gear. The frame of the SS4 itself provides single support legs at head and base as well as an enlarged hinge mechanism with twin compression straps for ease of transport.

Full of Nash innovation, the Indulgence Sleep Systems also features USB connectivity with a PVC lined waterproof power pack pocket on the underside of the head section – allowing smart phones and other devices to be charged in your sleep but still be to hand when required.



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