With Prestige, there really is no need to slum it on the bank.  The Prestige Carp Porter DPM Food Bag comes with cutlery and plates for two people, a bottle opener, can opener, wiping cloth, and chopping board, all of which stows and stores neatly in a zip-out main section.

The main section also features silver lined insulation, to keep hot food hot, while the DPM Food Bag comes with a free inner cool bag for cold drinks or desserts.  Whether you’re fishing in summer or winter, pack yourself a decent meal in the Prestige Carp Porter DPM Food Bag, and enjoy your sport in style, with the ability to easily carry ingredients to cook the same kind of meal you’d have at home out in the open. (Well, probably in your bivvy, really, but it’s close enough.)

The large side and front pockets, in addition to being able to be securely fastened, also feature mesh pockets, meaning things like snacks and chewing gum can be kept separately, ready to grab quickly while you’re on the go.

Angling is rapidly moving away from its image of good ol’ boys shivering over a Pot Noodle, with some anglers cooking whole meals at the bankside.  Glamping may be taking holidaymakers by storm, but anglers were ahead of the trend!

The DPM Food Bag can be quickly and simply mounted on a barrow, keeping your hands free for the important business of setting up, baiting, and casting until you’re ready to settle down for the night, listening to the sounds of the natural world, the lapping of the water – and keeping an ear out for your bite alarm, of course – and fancy a hot dinner before drifting off.

Prestige products feature the pinnacle of British engineering, applied to the practical, everyday world of angling.  As with all products in the DPM range, the Food Bag is presented in standard DPM camouflage, making it the ideal complement to other products in the DPM Carp Porter range.



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