After the success of the ergonomic Korda Tackle Box, Korda have decided to take it one step further. The Korda Tackle Box Bundle has all the components of the bundle are of course compatible with the tackle box itself, meaning all extra items tuck away in the box creating a really tidy presentation for all your key tackle items.

The Tackle Box itself is a complete tackle storage system, designed to allow you to have the most amount of kit possible for a minimal footprint. A ‘big brother’ to the Tackle Safe, the Tackle Box is an alternative option for those needing to take just a little more end tackle on the bank for longer sessions, trips abroad, or just to cover all fishing situations they might find themselves in.

Bundle extras:

1 x LEADER SAFE (Large) – An innovative and smart way to store leaders. The Large size stores six complete leaders and can accommodates lead clips and Heli-Safe Systems. It features recesses to hold beads and sleeves on helicopter leaders perfectly.

1 x MINI BOX (9 Compartments) – The range of Mini Compartment Boxes can to store many different sized terminal tackle items. Every detail has been considered during the design process including: a curved base that allows it to be easily lifted out of the Tackle Box, small magnetic closures to prevent spillages and a translucent lid to help identify the items without the need to open it.

1 x MINI BOX (16 Compartments) – A clam-shell type design with all the features mentioned above. This sized box is very popular with storing end tackle items such as plastic corn, bait stops, kickers and other smaller items.

3 x ACCESSORY BOXES – The accessories box can be used for pretty much anything and are perfectly designed to fit inside your tackle box.



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