It’s every angler’s dream to be able to see exactly what’s going on underwater from the limits of your human positioning on the bank, or in your boat, and now, with the FishSpy Underwater Camera, you can stop dreaming, and start seeing – live, in real time, on your phone or tablet. The result of two years’ intensive development by the Total Fishing Gear, the FishSpy is an innovative camera system which you can cast out and stream back to your phone or tablet – allowing you to see exactly what’s going on underwater. Please note, this device can stream footage back to your phone or tablet when connected with a wifi signal;  the connection may get lost once your FishSpy becomes completely submerged, however, it will continue to record footage and once you reconnect your system you’ll be able to play back the shots as soon as your camera resurfaces. Whether you’re carp fishing and you want to ensure that your bait is perfectly presented or you’re predator fishing and want to look out for likely features, the FishSpy is the perfect tool for you.

One of the biggest benefits of the FishSpy system is that you don’t need an internet signal, so this won’t burn through your data. In fact, you don’t even need a phone connection! Instead, the device itself creates a wifi connection with your phone or tablet, allowing you to view fantastic images wherever you are on the bank. To connect up, simply turn on your wifi device and search for your unique Fish-Spy code. This is usually a series of three numbers and can be found on the card supplied with your device, as well as by plugging your camera into your system (for example, you might have to search FishSpy-123). Download the FishSpy app and you’ll be able to record and view your footage.

If you’re looking for a fish finder device which doesn’t cost a small fortune then this FishSpy camera is the perfect tool for you. Simply cast out over the water and watch the footage on your phone via the FishSpy App – you’ll soon be able to determine whether or not you have hit the angling hot spot. However, this isn’t the only benefit of the FishSpy. Unlike other fish finding devices, this camera streams real life footage back to you, rather than a computer generated approximation of the venue bed. This means that you can cast out your FishSpy on one of your rods and then fish like normal right under it, as you would when fishing with a marker float. This allows you to get footage of your fish whilst you’re fishing, enabling you to monitor feeding habits and other piscatorial quirks in order to maximise your angling potential. The fin-like end of the camera is finished in vivid orange, so it is not only aero-dynamic but also easily visible on the water, making it a great multi-purpose device.

By casting out the FishSpy and slowly pulling it back to the bank, you can map out huge swathes of your chosen venue, or a newly-spotted potential. This gives you unrivalled accuracy, and the ultimate angling edge, allowing you to pin point hidden hotspots which would have been unrecognisable from the surface of the water. You can tag any key moments of footage on your device, too, so you can easily locate and play them back later to relive the action or refresh your memory regarding the specific features in the swim.

The FishSpy is charged via a USB cable. This means that you can hook it up to your laptop at home, or your portable USB charger on the bank. It has an impressive battery life, so you can leave it out over your swim for up to four hours, allowing you to record a huge quantity of footage. The device takes three hours to charge from completely flat, and can store up to seven hours of footage – so, you can record a couple of hours of your morning session, top up the charge, record another three hours through the afternoon and into the evening, top up a little more, then record a final two hours of dusk into a night session – and everything’s there for you to review when the session’s over, and you’re planning your next outing.

Check your bait presentation, watch the underwater action, and see what the fish get up to when they think nothing’s amiss – there’s nothing you can’t do with the FishSpy Underwater Camera!



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