This clever bait bag system offers two foil insulated compartments that allow you to manage your baits easily. The first section is very shallow and takes the upper section of the bag. This section is perfect for dense bait boxes or small bags of boilies. This section of the bag is also completely removable to make access to both sections more convenient. This is secured by double snap buckles and strap retainers. This shallow section measures at 50cm x 30cm x 13.5cm.

The bottom section of the bag is much taller, offering space to store large bait boxes and bags. This section measures at 50cm x 30cm x 28cm. The structure of the bag is incredibly rigid meaning that the weight of the top section will not crush the bottom so you can be assured the contents will not spoil.

To ensure an easy commute, the bag features an adjustable carry strap and Velcro closure grip handles.


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