Bringing you everything you need for an effective coarse fishing session, the Live System Session Pack from CC Moore gives you 1kg of Live System 15mm shelf life boilies, 20 15mm Live System airball pop ups, 100ml of Live System bait dip, and 2kg of Live System 6mm pellets, all supplied in its own Bait Bucket, which will continue to be a useful part of your angling long after you’ve used the last of the Live System Session Pack to catch your new record carp, or bring some of your favourite coarse species to your hook.

With a sweet almond taste, and a creamy vanilla aroma, this session pack gives you an effective coarse and carp baiting regime in a handy singe purchase pack that creates a multi-layer attraction system throughout your water column.

What Discipline Is It For?

This session pack gives you a full range of carp and coarse baiting options, and is perfectly suited to year-round coarse fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Having a range of bait options with you on the bank gives you the ability to change up your session, and keeps things interesting below the surface, encouraging the fish to stay in your swim longer, and bringing a wider variety of species to your rods.

Providing proven coarse fishing attraction since 2002, CC Moore’s Pacific Tuna Session Pack is one of the best options out there for all carp anglers and coarse fishing.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The wide-ranging versatility included in this bait pack, which allows you to keep your coarse fishing active for as long as you want your session to last.



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