Avid Carp Screw Point Yard Sticks, Yard Sticks make fishing accurately easier than ever before and, due to a couple of stand-out features, they are much more effective than conventional banksticks. The Screw Point Yard Sticks now make getting them into hard ground much easier. The Sticks come complete with a 12ft cord so you can set them out the right distance quickly and efficiently. The cord boasts three colour-coded toggle stops that enable you to mark three different spots. On other sticks, if you hit the clip between the two poles, you have to roughly guess where to clip the rod up when remarking the rods, which is not ideal if youre fishing a small area. Unlike standard banksticks, the Yard Sticks have a slight curve in the end of them. This gentle curve ensures your main line peels effortlessly off the poles if you stand in between them both and start reeling. Theres no need to remove the wraps turn by turn like with conventional sticks. The glow in the dark tops also make wrapping up in the dark much easier.



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