There’s nothing worse when you’re out on the bank than having to rummage around in a cramped, packed bivvy, looking for that one piece of kit you need right now. And if you’re only fishing a day session or quick overnighter, you don’t necessarily want to have to take every item of equipment you could need with you.

When you’re focusing on catching a good quality carp, you need any kit that’s not in the water to do the maximum amount possible, and you need everything to be easy to find and ready to hand.

That’s where the Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser comes in, offering not just the perfect storage solution to keep your bivvy organised and your fishing on track, but also featuring space saving design elements, such as the non-slip textured top surface, which makes this handy little storage centre ideal for placing a small stove on and getting a brew on – although all cooking and cuppa-making should be done outside the bivvy! Fortunately, there’s two carry handles on the bivvy organiser, and, at just over 2kgs, it’s no effort at all to move it, even fully loaded with tackle and other items, out to the bank before you start heating things up.  A clip on gas bottle holder adds to the practical cooking application appeal, while the built-in storage bag can safely and securely store you wallet, car keys, and mobile phone, so that, come the end of a successful session, when you’re happy but exhausted, and ready to head home, you always know exactly where they are.  You can also keep any day tickets and other permits and licences in the storage bag, so they’re ready at hand if you’re asked to show them during your session.

Telescopic legs make this storage organiser easy to adjust for any kind of bankside terrain. Practical, stylish, and durable, this is hands-down the best way to keep your bivvy free from clutter.

The bivvy organiser also comes with a Velcro-top storage bag, keeping it protected during bumpy travels to rough swims.

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