Aqua Camo Bouyant Weigh Sling XL,

This extra-large and buoyant weigh sling should be the first choice when targeting larger carp, and is perfect for a trip to the Continent. It is constructed from performance-grade DPM Camo Aquatexx material, which is proven to be stronger, quick-drying and more fish-friendly than standard weigh sling materials. The floats give added buoyancy and allow the fish to be retained for a short time whilst preparing the camera. The strong in-built support bars offer a greater level of comfort for the fish during weighing procedures, which means the fish can be returned to the water directly from the sling, so resulting in less handling. The strong and durable webbed handles are designed to cope with the weight of a large fish with ease, and all this comes supplied in its own Aquatexx stink sleeve to keep odours and moisture away from your equipment when packing away. The size of this sling makes it suitable for fish up to 60lb.



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