Half a Ton of Monster Particle Bait, Official Hoodie and a Monster Membership.

Monster Tier One Ingredients – Hemp, Maize, Red Dari, Black Rapeseed, Yellow peas.

This mix has a mixture of 5 different high quality particles that are all highly effective fish attractors. The mix contains starch, oils, vitamins, proteins and plenty of sugars.

We add Himalayan rock salt to all our particle mixes not your cheap rock salt all other particle companies are using. We believe Himalayan Rock Salt gives you the edge when you need it. Why?
Carp absolutely love this salt because of the high amounts of minerals within the natural pink salt. Carp often have problems getting enough of the minerals that are found in Himalayan Rock Salt, The salt works like a magnet to them. Himalayan rock salt is also known as pink rock salt.



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